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Summer Tennis Program Coordinator 

The Village of Kohler has an open position for the summer tennis coordinator. This is an established program that includes three 2-week camps, June-July. Camp is M-Th, 8-10am. Interested persons contact the Village Office at 459-3873.



Village Meetings Scheduled for April

4/7 Library Board (at Public Library) 12:30 pm

4/8 Planning Commission 4:30 pm

4/12 Property Committee 5:30 pm

4/12 Finance Committee 6:00 pm

4/19 Village Board 6:00 pm

All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.

Spring Election

The Spring Election will be held Tuesday, April 6. The polling place is located in the Kirkpatrick Center at the Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, and will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Voters are required to show a photo ID to vote. You must have lived in the Village of Kohler for 28 days to vote in the Village of Kohler.



After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha on August 23, 2020, many Kohler citizens understandably began to question policing in America.

It is important to the Kohler Police Department that we try to answer the law enforcement related questions asked by our community members. The main questions we have received have been about our use of force policies and de-escalation training. The second has been about systemic problems in American policing. After some reflection on our part, we hope that our answers can be used as a starting point of continued conversations.

To help answer the first question, we have published all of our use of force policies on the Kohler Police Department website. They can be found under the “About” tab. You will notice that policies have been recently published. This was not due to recent events, but as a part of a new and updated policy manual. The Kohler Police Department’s Use of Force Policy is consistent with most use of force policies found in the State of Wisconsin and is accredited by WILEGA, an independent law enforcement accreditation group. De-escalation training has always been part of law enforcement training and is taught to Officers throughout their academy and career. In the last decade there has been an increase in training focusing on mental illness or those experiencing a mental health crisis. This training is intended to help officers recognize contributing factors to threatening behavior and has reduced use of force incidents. Unfortunately, this does not eliminate the need for all use of force. If necessary threatening or resistive individuals may still be met with force to be taken into custody, to reduce the threat to them, others, or if statutorily required.

As we shift to talk about systemic problems in American policing, it’s important to note that police departments are not part of a national system; they are local, independent police departments. Although officers are certified through the State of Wisconsin, each department has their own culture, specific law enforcement priorities, and policies. With that said, the concept of a national systemic problem in American Policing seems unlikely. This does not mean that there are not police departments and communities that have a long history of police problems. However, there are also a lot of excellent police departments serving their communities. Until the communities with police problems get involved, have conversations, and focus on facts and real statistics that affect them, there will be no improving those police problems. All police departments in the United States are accountable to their citizens through their locally elected officials. This is by design, and when used properly, this system is the most effective way to hold police departments accountable and make the necessary improvements. Local oversight and support is imperative to having a quality police department. When there is not effective oversight or support, we begin to see the tragic breakdown in the relationship between the police department and the community they serve. This is not a perfect system however it is the best system for community policing. For better or worse, Police are a reflection of their community through their elected officials.

At the Kohler Police Department we believe we have a strong relationship with our community. It is our role to take police action on your behalf. We do not act independently but as part of the community. If you, as a resident or a person employed in the Village of Kohler, have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to your elected representative, a Village Trustee, or the Kohler Police Department directly.

It is our goal to have every member of our community feel safe and have a trusting relationship with their police department.



Garbage Receptacles

Residents are encouraged to store their garbage receptacles in discrete locations. Ideally they should be stored in a garage. Other suitable areas include side/back yards, or any other area screened from public view. Please be reminded that all containers must be stored with the lids securely closed and away from any heat sources, such as a grill.  

Yard Waste

Yard waste (green lid cart) pickup started Tuesday, March 30. On April 6 and 13 special Yard Waste collections will be held. After the green Yard Waste Cart is full, yard waste may be put into additional containers (not bags) for collection. Place these containers on the curb adjacent to the standard containers. Limit container weight to 50 pounds or less. Do Not rake leaves and debris into the street. Curbside leaf collection is in the fall only.


Brush pickup (tree branches) started Tuesday, March 30. Brush must be neatly piled in four-foot lengths. The maximum diameter is six inches. No brush with thorns will be picked up. Thorny material must be cut up and put in the cart with the green lid. Brush not complying will be tagged and not picked up. 

If a homeowner hires a professional arborist to trim or remove trees, the arborist must take the debris with them. If a resident performs the work themselves, the Village will remove the branches and limbs. 


Mulch is available for $10 per yard plus tax, delivered. Call 459-3873 to place an order. Deliveries are Fridays only. 

Snow Plow Turf Damage

Please be aware that the Village will repair turf damaged due to snow plowing operations. Call 459-3881 to report damage.

Pet Cleanup

Residents are reminded to pick up after their pets and to dispose of the waste appropriately. 

Emerald Ash Borer

The tree-killing insect called Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was confirmed to be in the Village of Kohler three years ago. Methods and resources for managing EAB are limited. Currently there is no effective way to control EAB over large areas. The Village’s treatment program began as soon as the borer was discovered in Wisconsin, approximately ten years ago. Street trees were evaluated for structural soundness and condition. Those street trees deemed suitable for action were treated. Treatment is done by injecting an insecticide into the trunk at the root collar. All of our injections are done by Department of Public Works staff Wisconsin certified pesticide applicators. Trees not suitable for treatment have been and will be cut down. Moving forward, we will continue updating our program to use the most productive and cost effective methods of treatment. Trees that are deemed to be structurally unsound will be removed and replaced with new varieties.      

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for all residential projects involving construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work that has a value greater than $1,000. Home additions, garages, accessory buildings, decks and other exterior modifications need Kohler Co. and Village of Kohler Plan Commission review. Visit our website at or call the Public Works Department at 459-3881 for more information.


If you are considering installing a fence, please be reminded of the following process. The homeowner needs to obtain a property survey, a copy of their deed, pictures of the areas impacted by the fence, fence specifications, a site plan and a cover letter explaining the scope of the project. This information is submitted to Kohler Co. for approval. Once approved by Kohler Co., the Village’s Planning Commission needs to review and approve as well. This process may take up to three months. 

Illicit Discharges into the Sanitary Sewer

An illicit discharge is the dumping of any chemical, pet waste or hazardous substance into the street or a storm basin inlet. The substance eventually makes its way into the Sheboygan River causing a pollution hazard. To report an illicit discharge, please call the Public Works office at 459-3881.


Spring Has Sprung – Fire Safety Tips for the Warmer Months

It’s easy to associate at-home fire protection with the colder months with the use of space heaters, fireplaces, decorative candles, and tangled strings of holiday lights. But, just because we’re less inclined to turn the heat on doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be vigilant when it comes to protecting ourselves and our property from fire hazards. As you transition from sweaters to shorts, deep fryers to grills, and indoor holiday parties to backyard barbecues, remember to keep an eye on your grill:

Fire is unavoidable when it comes to preparing the perfect kabob or rack of ribs on the grill, which means you’ve got some inherent risks right from the get-go. In fact, the NFPA reports that an average of 8,900 home fires are caused by grilling each year. Here are some fire safety tips for the grill:

While the meat is marinating, be sure to check each potentially problematic point of the grill including the propane tank, the hose, and all connecting points.

 • Charcoal should be soaked with charcoal starter fluid only, so don’t let the pyro-happy Boy Scout in your family go anywhere near the grill with a container of lighter fluid, no matter how cool he swears it will be!

 • Make sure the grill is clean—failing to clean the grill before and after use is a contributing factor in nearly 20% of all grill structure fires.

 • Make sure the grill is set up in an open, outdoor area with nothing flammable (plants, paper products, etc.) nearby.

Happy grilling! 

Non-emergency contact information for the Fire Chief: Fire station 920-459-3876; [email protected];



**Summer Camps & Activity Registrations are open**

Go to and follow the link to get your child signed up.

Swim Lessons, Session 1, 6/14-6/24, Levels 1-6, limit 6 students

Swim Club 6/14-7/30

Dive Club 6/14-7/30

Tennis All Sessions 6/14-24, 6/28-7/8 & 7/12-7/22

Fishing Fun Camp 6/21-6/24

Junior Explorer 6/28-7/1

Yoga Camp 7/12-7/15

Camp Y-KODA Adventure Camp 7/19-7/23

Princess Camp 7/26-7/29

T-Ball 6/22-7/22

Springboard Dive: Grades 3-12, Class is from 6/14-7/29, M–Th, 11am-12pm Beginner, 12-1:30pm Advanced.

WIAA Competitive Dive: Grades 9-12, 6/18-7/30, Fridays Only

Other Camps for Summer

Theater Camp are all Virtual this summer, Register at •Challenger •Sports Soccer: International Soccer, 6/14-6/18, ages 3-16, Register at

Kohler Pool – Open on Weekends in April and May

Open Swim- two sessions, Sat/Sun from 1-2:45pm & 3-4:45pm.

30 patrons per session, First Come First Served. As Patrons leave other will be allowed to enter

No Pre-registration. Mask required on deck and in locker-room.

Water Aerobics: $2 residents/ $4 non-resident per class

Morning Water Aerobics M/W/F 8-9am

Deep Water Aerobics M/Th 5-6pm

New Saturday class at 10-11am

Parent-Tot lessons 5/3-5/15, M/W 4:30-5pm, Saturday 9-9:30am

Youth Center – Opens April 5

The Youth Center is back in its regular location. Come check us out.

Hours of operation are M–F 3:15-5pm, Sat/Sun 12:30-5pm

Candy & drinks available in April, with additional food offerings in May & June.

Masks required in the building. Occupancy may be limited.

Visit our website at or check out our Facebook Page “Village of Kohler Recreation Department” for updates.


Students 15 years and older.

Youth Center: Entry level food service and customer service in a fun and friendly environment. [email protected], application or questions for Youth Center

Kohler Pool Basket Room: Be the first face people see when they come to the pool.

Kohler Pool Lifeguard: Help ensure the safety of the people who come to the pool.

[email protected], application or questions for pool

All Jobs: good time management & flexibility; responsible; friendly; willing to work with others; good communication skills-children and adults.


Klub 55 Challenge April 30, 3-10pm at Kohler Experiential Center.

Chair Yoga Tuesdays 9am

Meditation, Talk, Stretch Wednesday 8:30am

Painting Club April 15 & 29, 1pm

Lasagna Dinner April 16, 11:30am at Village Hall.

Gambling Trip May 11 to Potawatomi Casino.

Hiking Club Tuesdays/Thursday 9am & Wednesdays 2:30pm

Kayaking Wednesdays 9am

Cycling Fridays 9am



The Village Board approved the following items during their February 15 meeting:

  • Appointed Kya Diehl to the Library Board.

  • Appointed Gary Lindow as Kohler Fire Chief and Michael Lindstrom as Deputy Fire Chief.

  • Resolution 2021-4, Adopting Sheboygan County All Hazards Plan.

  • Purchase Fire Department turnout gear from 5 Alarm, $18,828.90.

  • USGS agreement for installation and maintenance of gaging station at Fenwood.

  • Resolution 2021-2, Approving and Accepting Ownership and Dedication of the Public Improvements of The Clearings Subdivision.

  • Change order #1 to the contract with Vinton Construction Company for the Northern Interceptor Sewer project.

  • Authorized Brett Edgerle to obtain quotes for pool construction design services.

  • Purchase two radar units from Radar Sports, $4,647.74.

  • December 2020 Revenue & Expense reports, bank reconciliations and journal entries.

  • Resolution 2021-5, Amending 2020 budgets.

  • Hire replacement Police Officer.

  • Hire DPW employee as presented.

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