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District report cards are in: Kohler Schools significantly exceeds expectations

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Submitted by Kohler School District Superintendent Lisa Greene

At Kohler Schools, we believe student success comes in many forms. The District and School report cards measure statewide accountability. They are intended to help all schools and districts utilize data on specific measures to target improvement efforts. By doing this, schools ensure that students are ready for their next educational step – including the next grade level, graduation, college, and careers.

The current school report cards are based on performance during the 2020-21 academic year. While DPI encourages caution due to COVID 19 impacts when interpreting scores and ratings on the 2020-21 report cards, Kohler Public Schools continues to excel.

In this past year, families, teachers and students have really shown their resilience in the face of COVID 19 challenges. The District is so proud of what students have achieved within this community of support.

The report cards are reported on an index of 0 to 100 and measure four priority areas: Student Achievement, Student Growth, Target Group Outcomes, and On-Track to Graduation.

Here’s some information we’d like to share from our report card:

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