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Four generations of same family pass through the hallways of Kohler Schools

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Kohler girls entering first grade learn of photo of great grandfather attending same class in 1918

Every now and then it’s fun to watch history repeat itself.

Caitlin Brotz-McNitt (Kohler High School class of 2000) was visiting with her Aunt Marsha Brotz-Blake (KHS Class of ’64), when she stumbled across a neat photo of her Grandfather, Ralph Brotz. According to the inscription on the back, it was a 1918 photo of Ralph’s first grade class at Kohler Elementary.

Ralph Brotz graduated in 1930, and was among the fourth graduating class at Kohler High School. His son, John Brotz, who is Caitlin’s father, also graduated from Kohler (Class of 67).

This year, Caitlin’s daughter, Charlei McNitt and Marsha’s granddaughter Chasyan Blake, who are cousins, both start first grade at Kohler – 104 years after their great grandfather Ralph started the first grade at Kohler! The girls are the fourth generation of the Brotz family to attend Kohler Schools.

Above: Kohler first grade class in 1918 where Ralph Brotz was a student.
Right: Ralph Brotz’s great granddaughters Charlei McNitt.

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