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Jarrod Fenner, announces candidacy for Sheriff as an independent. Wants to “keep politics out of policing.”

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Jarrod Fenner, a long-time deputy for the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office, has announced that he is running as an independent candidate for the office of Sheriff of Sheboygan County. Fenner also worked part-time for Kohler for a number of years.

Fenner said in a press release: “I have served the citizens of Sheboygan County for the past twenty one years as a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office where I have served as a patrol deputy, assigned to all shifts throughout the years. I also spent several years as a drug investigator with the county’s multi jurisdictional drug enforcement group. In addition to those assigned duties I also sought additional specialized training in the areas of animal abuse/humane officer and traffic crash reconstruction.

“In addition to my experience with the sheriff’s office, I have served as a part time patrol officer with the Village of Kohler and public safety officer at Lakeland University.

“During my career I have had the privilege to work with many talented people in all levels of government to include local, state, and federal; as well as
non-governmental organizations, who all worked together with the common goal of serving our community.

“I have chosen to seek the Office of Sheriff as an independent candidate, as I feel political party influences should not affect public safety. My goal is to grow the department’s community outreach and partnerships to improve our community in several areas; including mental health assistance and opioid epidemic. To see these goals I look to empower the department.employees, allowing them to use their talents to better serve Sheboygan County.”

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