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Local Women’s Group Donates Friendship Bench

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Recently the St. Anne’s Society of St. John the Evangelist donated a Buddy Bench to the Kohler Public Elementary School. The portable bench, which is Bomber Blue and White, will be used as a place children can go if they are feeling lonely or sad. The purpose is so other children will see their classmate in need and reach out to offer friendship and support.

The Kohler Elementary school has planned a dedicated garden spot with a kindness theme where the bench will be located.  In addition to the Buddy Bench, the St. Anne’s Society is also donating books for teachers to use with the kindness theme.

According to Kohler Elementary Principal Lisa Greene, “Recess is often a child’s favorite part of the day, but this time can be exceptionally challenging for some children who are new to the school or having trouble making friends.”

Green went on to indicate, “The new Buddy Bench will help the children learn to look out for one another so that no one is left out.  We are so grateful for the generous donation of the Buddy Bench to help address this issue as well as aid in our efforts to build a school climate filled with empathy and kindness.”

The St. Anne’s Society was formed in 1881 by Anna Wick to provides opportunities to women for spiritual, social and educational enrichment. For more information on how to join the St. Anne’s Chapter of St. John the Evangelist, please reach out to Lori Udovich, President, at [email protected] or 920.946.5612.

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