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Patrick Johnson announces candidacy for Assembly District 27

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Kohler resident Patrick Johnson announced today that he is running for Assembly District 27. He will challenge Republican incumbent Tyler Vorpagel. The 27th Assembly District encompasses northeast Sheboygan County and southeast Manitowoc County. It includes part of northern Sheboygan, as well as the cities of Plymouth and Kiel, and the villages of Cleveland, Elkhart Lake, and Kohler.

At an announcement gathering at Village Hall, Johnson, who is running as a Republican, said his main focus will be on election integrity concerns, medical freedom concerns, and school choice offered to every child in Wisconsin regardless of income or locality.

He said what sets him apart from his opponent, Tyler Vorpagel, is that he is going to stand firm on what he believes in, and not buckle. Asked by an audience member for an example of when Vorpagel buckled, Johnson cited 2021 Assembly Bill 36, which was introduced by 32 representatives including Vorpagel. The bill would, under specific circumstances, allow a pharmacist to prescribe contraceptives that prevent pregnancy. The intent of the bill is to alleviate the high costs of unplanned pregnancies, both for taxpayers and women living in poverty, but Johnson said he fears it will open the door for pharmacists to prescribe chemical abortions.

Johnson said he doesn’t feel represented and is tired of being ignored by representatives. He said he has tried to play nice behind the scenes, but now he’s going to stand up and fight.

Johnson has seven years of business analytics experience and an MBA, and is heavily involved in the bowling community in Sheboygan County. He also served on the Resolutions Committee for the local and state GOP.

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