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Twenty-Eight new badges embolden Girl Scouts to navigate and succeed in a rapidly changing world

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Girl Scouts of Manitou Council and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) recently announced 28 new badges focused on entrepreneurship, math in nature, and digital leadership that embolden girls to navigate a changing society and build the futures they want for themselves and the world. Amid seismic shifts in technology and culture brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Scouts can now earn new badges – in addition to the hundreds of existing badges – that address girls’ evolving interests in ways that resonate with them.

These new badges also address some of parents’ top concerns for their children as they handle the increasingly digital world, helping girls develop and entrepreneurial mindset toward technology, learn STEM skills while exploring nature, and build confidence and safe practices online.

It’s time to press play. Girls need Girl Scouts now more than ever. Troops are now forming in your community. To join Girl Scouts parents of girls in Kohler should come on Tuesday, September 21st at 6:00 p.m. to Lost Woods Park in Kohler, or contact Abby at or 920-565-4575.

Girl Scouts helps girls navigate our changing world and build the futures they want to see,” said Girl Scouts of Manitou Council CEO, Denise Shemenauer. “Through our new badge experiences, girls can conserve the natural world, run their own small business, create digital content that inspires others, and address online bullying. Girl Scouts has been a source of connection, support, and joy for girls throughout the pandemic, and is addressing current issues girls and parents care about.”

According to a recent study from the Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scout alums are more likely than other women to:

  • Exhibit courage, confidence, and character
  • Attain higher levels of education and management positions at work
  • Volunteer and contribute to causes they support
  • Be civically engaged and involved
  • Exhibit leadership attributes and hold more leadership roles
  • Be satisfied with life – personally, professionally, and financially

Girl Scouts of Manitou is the largest girl-serving organization in the Lake Michigan western shoreline area.

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