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Update on water line work in Kohler

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Water and sewer improvements, as well as roadwork, are underway in the West I and West II subdivisions in Kohler. The work is generally moving from south to north in both subdivisions. Work in South I will take place later in the year; possibly August, but more likely October and November according to Village of Kohler Director of Public Works, Brett Edgerle. There will be a construction pause in September to accommodate the Ryder Cup.

In all three subdivisions, lead water service lines that run from the water main in the street to the homes, will be removed and replaced with polyethylene water service lines. Additional work will be done in South I and West II, where many of the 80 to 100-year-old water mains that run under the streets will be replaced. As part of the improvements, electrical grounding rods will likely be installed.

A previous issue of The Kohler Villager mistakenly suggested that sewer lines to homes would be rehabilitated, thus resolving issues with tree roots growing into the sewer pipes causing backups in the home, but this is not part of the project. Homeowners may still have their sewer lines lined or replaced during the project, but they will be responsible for the cost themselves, which is estimated to be $4,000-$8,000. Having it done during the current construction does offer some savings. Contact Brett Edgerle to have your name added to a list that he will pass on to the contractors. Homeowners will then work directly with the contractors, as the Village is not involved with private sewer line work.

Some areas of the Village will need to be placed on a temporary water supply during the relay of the new water main. Currently, Summit Rd. and West Park Ln. have the temporary system, but as the project progresses, properties on Hill Street as well as Green Tree, Pine Tree, and Audubon Roads will be put on the temporary water supply. The systems consist of a two-inch water line that sits above the ground and connects to the outside faucet of the home using an RV water hose that is made for potable water. Before connecting the line to the house, the line is flushed and the water is tested by a State-approved water lab for safety. Driveways will be passable, and rubber mats and wood boards will be used to bridge the two-inch water line across the pavement, similar to a speed bump. Workers will need access to basements to verify that nothing is leaking and to turn off the valve to the underground water system. A plumber may be needed if repairs are necessary.

All lead water service line replacements in the Village should be completed by the end of the year. In 2022, much of the South I and West II Subdivision’s roadways and curbing will be rebuilt.

All water and paving improvements will be at no cost to the homeowner. For up-to-date information on the project, click on the “Water/Paving Project Info” tab on the Village website at

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