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Village View for June, 2021

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Village Meetings Scheduled for June

6/2 Library Board (at Public Library) 12:30 pm

6/10 Planning Commission 4:30 pm

6/14 Property Committee 5:30 pm

6/14 Finance Committee 6:00 pm

6/21 Village Board 6:00 pm

All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.

Board of Review

The Village of Kohler Board of Review will meet Monday, June 7, beginning at 5pm. Property owners that want to appear before the Board of Review to appeal their assessment must provide the Clerk-Treasurer with written or oral notice of their intent to file an objection at least 48 hours before the meeting of the Board. Also, a written and signed Form of Objection to Property Assessment must be filled out and filed with the clerk within the first 2 hours of the Board’s first scheduled meeting.


(Photos) Officer Hocevar and Officer Eadie during the sunrise Memorial Watch.

On Friday, May 14th 2021 the Kohler Police Department, Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department, and Sheboygan Police Department participated in the annual Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony held at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

Every year during National Law Enforcement Week, we take the time to honor our fallen. These fallen Officers were acting on behalf of our communities and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

In 2020, 238 Officers died while serving their communities: 46 of those officers died as a result of felonious acts; 47 officers died in accidents; 145 officers died of Covid-19. (135 additional Covid-19 deaths are still under review). For a Covid-19 death to be considered a line of duty death there needs to be information that detailed how the officer may have contracted the virus through direct exposure while conducting their official duties and a timeline of events prior to the officer becoming ill.

Of those killed during a felonious act, 9 were ambushed, 7 died during an investigation or while performing law enforcement activities, 7 while assisting other law enforcement officers, 5 were responding to crimes in progress, 4 were reporting to disorders or disturbances, and 4 were involved in arrest situations, among others.

Please take a minute to remember them and their families.


2021/2022 Water, Sewer & Paving Projects

Please be aware that water and sewer improvements will be performed in the South I, West I and West II subdivisions through the remainder of the year. The South I subdivision consists of the homes south of Lower Road; the West I subdivision consists of the homes west of Highland Drive and east of Ravine Park/Kohler Public Schools; the West II subdivision consists of the homes west of Ravine Park/Kohler Public Schools and east of Valley Road. In these subdivisions, many of the 80 to 100 year old water mains and sewer mains under the streets will be rehabilitated or replaced, and all of the lead water service lines from the street to the homes will be removed and replaced with polyethylene water service lines. Please note:

In order to remove the lead water service lines, access to your basement will be required.

Temporary water services will be installed to minimize water service disruptions.

As part of the improvements, electrical grounding rods will likely be installed.

All work will be at no cost to the home owner. 

During the month of September, a construction pause will take place to accommodate the

Ryder Cup.

In 2022, much of the South I and West II Subdivision’s roadways/curbing will be rebuilt.

Click on the “Water/Paving Project Info” tab on the website,, for up-to-date information. 


Mulch is available for $10 per yard plus tax, delivered. Call 459-3873 to place an order. Deliveries are Fridays mornings only. 

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for all residential projects involving construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work that has a value greater than $1,000. Home additions, garages, accessory buildings, decks and other exterior modifications need Kohler Co. and Village of Kohler Plan Commission review. Visit our website at or call the Public Works Department at 459-3881 for more information.

Storable Swimming Pools

Storable swimming pools require an annual $50 permit. A storable pool is any pool which holds 1,000 gallons of water or more. Storable pools must be located 35 feet from all lot lines and meet ALL electrical codes for the pump. 


If you are considering installing a fence, please be reminded of the following process. The home owner needs to obtain a property survey, a copy of their deed, pictures of the areas impacted by the fence, fence specifications, a site plan and a cover letter explaining the scope of the project. This information is submitted to Kohler Co. for approval. Once approved by Kohler Co., the Village’s Planning Commission needs to review and approve as well. This process may take up to 3 months. 


It’s that time of year again, when thunderstorms pop up and roll across Wisconsin. Here are some helpful safety tips to help protect yourself, your family and your home from the potential threat of fire during or after a summer storm. You can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a fire casualty by being able to identify potential hazards and following the outlined safety tips.

Some Types of Fire-Related Hazards Present During and After a Summer Storm

Lightning associated with thunderstorms generates a variety of fire hazards. The power of lightning’s electrical charge and intense heat can electrocute on contact, splitting trees and causing fires.

Pools of water and even appliances can be electrically charged.

Appliances that have been exposed to water can short and become a fire hazard.

Generators are often used during power outages. Generators that are not properly used and maintained can be very hazardous.

Electrical Safety

If your home has sustained flood or water damage, and you can safely get to the main breaker or fuse box, turn off the power.

Assume all wires on the ground are electrically charged. This includes cable TV feeds.

Be aware of and avoid downed utility lines. Report downed or damaged power lines to the utility company or emergency services.

Remove standing water, wet carpets and furnishings. Air-dry your home with good ventilation before restoring power.

Have a licensed electrician check your home for damage.

Gas Safety

Smell and listen for leaky gas connections. If you believe there is a gas leak, immediately leave the house and leave the door(s) open.

Never strike a match. Any size flame can spark an explosion.

Before turning the gas back on, have the gas system checked by a professional.

Generator Safety

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when using generators.

Use a generator or other fuel-powered machines outside the home. CO fumes are odorless and can quickly overwhelm you indoors.

Use the appropriate sized and type power cords to carry the electric load. Overloaded cords can overheat and cause fires.

Never run cords under rugs or carpets where heat might build up or damage to a cord may go unnoticed.

Never connect generators to another power source such as power lines. The reverse flow of electricity or ‘backfeed’ can electrocute an unsuspecting utility worker.

and Remember …

Always use a flashlight – not a candle – for emergency lighting.

Some smoke alarms may be dependent on your home’s electrical service and could be inoperative during a power outage. Check to see if your smoke alarm uses a back-up battery and install a new battery at least once a year.

Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home and inside and outside of sleeping areas.

All smoke alarms should be tested monthly. All batteries should be replaced with new ones at least once a year.

If there is a fire hydrant near your home, keep it clear of debris for easy access by the fire department.


Recreation is in full swing with school getting out for the summer.

Registration is Open!! Many things are full and there are waitlists. We are working on accommodating those on the waitlist. Watch your email for information if you are on that list.

To register: Swim lessons & Swim clubs are under Summer Swim Session 1, Session 2 will open at the end of Session 1. Springboard Dive is under Summer Springboard Dive; Tennis registration has 3 sessions, and all are open. T-ball is under Kindergarten T-Ball. Yoga & Mindfulness, Junior Explorer, Y-KODA, Princess Camps are all under Summer Camps.

To register for camps brought to Kohler by outside organizations, please go directly to that site:

Challenger Sports:

June 14 – 18 – International Soccer Camp

Kohler Pool

The pool will be open for all summer activities beginning June 14. 50% Capacity in June. No sign-up required. Masks required in Locker room and inside Memorial Building. Not required on deck or in pool.

Open swim: Monday – Friday 1-5pm; Weekends 1-7pm, Starting Thursday, June 11

Access the pool through Door 19, Double Doors by the Youth Center

Water Aerobics (Access the pool through Door 19)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-9am

Monday & Thursday 5-6 pm Deep water

Saturday 10-11am

Cost for Water Aerobics and Lap Swim: $2 resident, $4 non-resident (Punch Cards available)

Lap Swim: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8-9am, with Water Aerobics

Offerings at the pool this summer:

Swim lessons – group and private June 14 – July 22 (3 sessions)

Youth Swim Club – June 14 – July 30

Youth Springboard Dive Club – June 14 – July 30

KPAL Swim Meet – July 29

Watch Facebook for Dates and Times for Inflatable Obstacle Course at the end of June!

Youth Center

The Youth Center is open inside the Memorial Building. Hot food and Ice Cream treats will be available June 10.

June 14 – August 31 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

12:30-5:30pm Monday – Friday and 12:30–6:30pm Weekends


To register for activities or lunch stop at Village Hall, call 920-459-3873 or email [email protected].

6/15 Holy Resurrection Monastery, St. Nazianz

6/24 Painting at All Saints Chapel, Elkhart Lake


Mondays 10am-12:30pm Card Playing at Youth Center

Mondays-starting 6/14 Ping Pong 1pm, Village Hall

Tuesdays/Thursdays-Hiking 10am, locations to be announced

Wednesdays-Kayaking 10am, locations to be announced

Wednesdays-Pickleball 6:30pm, Tennis Courts

Thursday 6/10 & 6/24 Painting 1pm, Village Hall

Members are free, non-members are $1.

Friday lunch at Village Hall

6/4 Pork Chops $6

6/18 Father’s Day Brat Fry, $10 (Father’s Only)

6/25 Kielbasa & Sauerkraut $6

Chair Yoga

Tuesdays 8:15am at Village Hall. 5-week card $40 members and $45 non-members.

Klub 55 Mother’s Day Brunch Thank you Bob Maki for serving


The Village Board approved the following items during their April 19 meeting:

  • Appointments to Special Committees.

  • Bid from Dorner for $9,975,962 for 2021/2022 Infrastructure & Paving Project.

  • Contract with Excel Engineering for Construction Related Services Contract; $261,400 for 2021 and $190,600 for 2022.

  • Cost estimate from Sheboygan County to pave section of Campus Drive, $35,274.

  • Purchase stump grinder, $7,200.

  • Liquor & beer licenses for Emily’s LLC, Buechel Stone Corp and Chili’s Grill & Bar.

  • Cigarette license for Emily’s LLC.

  • Animal variance application for Amy Unger, 907 Aspen Rd.

  • Hire recreation employees for summer season.

  • March 2021 Revenue & Expense reports & bank reconciliation.

  • Signage permit for Craverie Chocolatier Café, 725D Woodlake Rd.

  • Permit for a new Photovoltaic solar plant on Kohler Co. land.

  • Tourism Promotion & Development funds:

$5,000 2020 Community Christmas Tree/Set the Season Aglow Event.

$5,400 Kohler Villager Destination Kohler page.

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