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Village View for September, 2021

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Holiday Garbage Pick-up  

When a holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, all garbage pick-ups will be one day later than scheduled.  Monday, September 6th is Labor Day. Garbage pickup for that week will be on Wednesday, September 8th.  


Village Meetings Scheduled for September 

9/1 Library Board (at Public Library) 12:30 pm
9/9 Planning Commission  4:30 pm
9/13 Property Committee  5:30 pm
9/13 Finance Committee      6:00 pm
9/20 Village Board    6:00 pm 

All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated. 

Office Hours 

The Village Office will be closed the following days while staff attends training: 
Tuesday, 9/14 closing at 2pm 
Thursday, 9/16 closed all day 
Friday, 9/17 closed all day 
Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm. 



For the past several years, the Village of Kohler contracted with Advanced Disposal to provide domestic garbage, recycling and yard waste services. Earlier this year, Waste Management purchased Advanced Disposal’s assets, and with that comes new customer service processes. Please be advised that Kohler residents will need to call the Waste Management Customer Service Center for all future needs such as missed pickups, damaged containers, questions on waste disposal, etc.  The Waste Management Customer Service Center can be reached at (888) 960-0008. 

Tree Debris 

Material must be neatly piled in four-foot lengths. The maximum diameter is six inches. If a homeowner hires a professional arborist to trim or remove trees, the arborist must take the debris with them. If a resident performs the work themselves, the Village will remove the branches and limbs.   

Yard Waste Material 

Garden Waste, edging material, brush, material with thorns and grassing clippings are to be placed in Yard Waste Containers. Residents are reminded not to use Plastic Bags in the Yard Waste Containers. 

Only in autumn are leaves allowed to be raked into the gutter.  

Disposable Wipes 

Residents are cautioned against flushing disposal wipes down the toilet. Although many wipes are labeled “disposable” or “flushable”, quite often they clog sewer laterals and mains. The preferred method of disposal is to bag the wipes and place in your garbage receptacle.   

2021/2022 Water, Sewer & Paving Projects 

Please be aware that water and sewer improvements will be performed in the South I, West I and West II subdivisions through the remainder of the year. In these subdivisions, many of the 80-100 year old Water and Sewer Mains under the streets will be rehabilitated or replaced, and all of the Lead Water Service Lines from the street to the homes will be removed and replaced with Polyethylene Water Service Lines.  Please note: 

  • Inorder to remove the Lead Water Service Lines, access to your basement will be required.  
  • Temporarywater services will be installed to minimize water service disruptions. 
  • Aspart of the improvements, Electrical Grounding Rods will likely be installed. 
  • AllWater Service Line work will be at no cost to the home owner.   
  • Duringthe month of September, a construction pause will take place to accommodate the Ryder Cup. 

In 2022, much of the South I and West II Subdivision’s roadways/curbing will be rebuilt.

Click on the “Water/Paving Project Info” tab on the website for up-to-date information. 

Potable Water Cross Connection Control (Backflow) Program 

The Village of Kohler is required to execute a cross connection control (backflow preventer) program to eliminate potable water cross connections. Residential backflow preventers may be required on lawn irrigation systems, wet fire protection systems, hot water heating (boiler) systems, swimming pool fills, water features, etc. Backflow preventers may also be required if there is another water source on the site such as a well, pond, river, etc. Backflow preventers are the property of the water customer and the responsibility lies with the customer for annual testing and maintenance. The water customer must contract with a licensed tester to perform the required annual tests. Most local plumbers are certified to test backflow preventers. 

The contractor hired to oversee Kohler’s backflow program is Aqua Backflow, a nationally-recognized firm located in Elgin, IL specializing in cross connection control management. Aqua Backflow can be reached at 847-742-2296 with any questions. Your Village of Kohler contact, Brett Edgerle, can be reached at 920-459-3881. All water customers will be contacted by Aqua Backflow at some point over the next two years to perform a site survey. Inspectors will be surveying your property to be sure that your water systems are protected from existing or potential cross connections. 

The Kohler Cross Connection Control Program is designed to safeguard public health. We ask for your cooperation with our program, its enforcement, and any requests for access or information that come from Aqua Backflow or Village staff.  

Fire Hydrant Flushing and Water Valve Exercising 

During the months of August and September, the Public Works Department will be exercising water valves. The Department will also be performing maintenance on fire hydrants and flushing the mains. The work will be performed Monday through Thursday. Residents should be aware that there will be periods of cloudy and discolored water as sediment and mineral deposits in the water mains are disturbed. 


Mulch is available for $10 per yard plus tax, delivered. Call 459-3873 to place an order. Deliveries are Fridays only.   

Garage Sale Signs 

One temporary “garage sale” or “for sale” sign shall be permitted on each lot. 

Building Permits 

Building Permits are required for all residential projects involving construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work that has a value greater than $1,000. Home additions, garages, accessory buildings, decks and other exterior modifications need Kohler Co. and Village of Kohler Plan Commission review. Visit our website at or call the Public Works Department at 459-3881 for more information.


September is Campus Fire Safety Month, and that’s a great time to review best practices and put these practices into action. Whether you’re a student or parent, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and its partners provide a wealth of resources to help you get started.  

September and October were the peak months for fires in dormitory properties, and they are more common during the evening hours between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.  

  • Cooking equipment was involved in nearly nine out of ten reported fires in dormitory- type properties (87%) 
  • Smoke alarms were either missing or tampered with (disconnected or battery removed) in 58 percent of fatal campus fires.
  • 94 percent of fatal campus fires occurred off-campus
  • Fatal fires documented indicated causes range from, accidental – including cooking, candles, smoking or electrical; intentionally set; and undetermined

We encourage you to visit National Fire Protection Association link for additional details. 


KLUB 55 

To register for activities or lunch stop at Village Hall, call 920-459-3873 or email [email protected]. 
9/8 Fun in the Sun at the Sports Core 
9/21 Lower Cato Falls hike 
9/28 Bar Food Competition – Chris & Sue’s


Mondays-Ping Pong 1pm, Village Hall 
Tuesdays-Hiking 9am, locations to be announced 
Wednesdays-Kayaking 10am, locations to be announced 
Wednesdays-Pickleball 6:30pm, Tennis Courts 
Thursdays Painting 1pm, Village Hall 
Members are free, non-members are $1. 
Friday lunch at Village Hall 11:30 a.m. $6 

9/3 Cheese sandwiches, basil tomato or chicken noodle soup
9/10 Filled cabbage leaves
9/17 Chicken pot pies
9/24 Sausage green bean potato casserole

Card playing after lunch.


The Village Board approved the following items during their July 19 meeting:  

  • 2020  Audited Financial Statements 
  • Order  truck from Quality Truck Care Center for $96,650 and truck equipment  from Monroe Truck for $118,549 for delivery in 2022. 
  • June  2021 Revenue & Expense reports and bank reconciliation. 
  • Building  permit for signage at Kohler Photovoltaic Electric Plant. 
  • Ordinance  2021-15, Regarding Parking. 
  • Resolutions: 

2021-9, Authorizing Execution of DNR Principal Forgiven Financial Assistance Agreement. 

2021-10, Providing for the Sale of Approximately $1,085,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2021A. 

2021-11, Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds in an Amount Not to Exceed $4,335,000 for Street Improvement Projects. 

2021-12, Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds in an Amount Not to Exceed $3,840,000 for Water System Projects. 

2021-13, Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds in an Amount Not to Exceed $1,025,000 for Sewerage System Projects. 

2021-14, Providing for the Sale of Not to Exceed $9,200,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2021B. 




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