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Village View, May 1, 2021

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Please be aware that starting in May and ending in December 2021, certain water and sewer improvements will be executed in the South I, West I and West II subdivisions. The South I subdivision consists of the homes south of Lower Road; the West I subdivision consists of the homes west of Highland Drive and east of Ravine Park/Kohler Public Schools; the West II subdivision consists of the homes west of Ravine Park/Kohler Public Schools and east of Valley Road.  In these subdivisions, many of the 80 to 100 year old Water Mains and Sewer Mains under the streets will be rehabilitated or replaced, and all of the Lead Water Service Lines from the street to your home will be removed and replaced with Polyethylene Water Service Lines.

Please note:

  • In order to remove the Lead Water Service Lines access to your basement will be required.
  • Temporary water services will be installed to minimize water service disruptions.
  • All work will be at no cost to the home owner. 
  • During the month of September a construction pause will take place to accommodate the Ryder Cup.

In 2022 much of the South I and West II Subdivision’s roadways/curbing will be rebuilt.

An Open House explaining the projects will be held in the Kirkpatrick Center at the Village Hall, on Thursday, May 6th from noon until 6 pm.  For additional information, please call Brett Edgerle at 920-459-3881.

Memorial Day
Due to Covid-19 there will be no parade this year. Please join us Monday, May 31 at 8:30 a.m. at the Kohler Woodland Cemetery for our dedication service led by the Village President. The service will be livestreamed on our Recreation Facebook page for those unable to join us.

Holiday Garbage Pick-up
When a holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, all garbage pick-ups will be one day later than scheduled.  Monday, May 31st is Memorial Day. Garbage pickup for that week will be on Wednesday, June 2nd.


Village Meetings Scheduled for May
5/5 Library Board (at Public Library) – 12:30 pm
5/10 Property Committee – 5:30 pm
5/10 Finance Committee – 6:00 pm
5/13 Planning Commission – 4:30 pm
5/17 Village Board – 6:00 pm
All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.

Open Book and Board of Review
Open Book will be held by phone rather than conducting in person meetings on Tuesday, May 11, from 1-3pm. Please call the assessor to schedule an appointment for your Open Book meeting. If the assessor is not available at the time of your call, they will make every effort to return your call within 24 hours. When leaving a message, please provide your name, phone number, the municipality in which the property is located and if available your parcel number. You may contact the assessor by phone at 920-749-1995, by email at [email protected] or by mail at: Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc., PO Box 440, Greenville, WI 54942.

Open Book is an opportunity for property owners to meet with the assessor and examine the records for their property and discuss how the assessment was made. Time spent discussing your assessment with the assessor may eliminate the need for a formal appeal to the Board of Review. At Open Book, the assessor is allowed to make any changes that are necessary to perfect the assessment roll.

The Village of Kohler Board of Review will meet Monday, June 7, beginning at 5pm. Property owners that want to appear before the Board of Review to appeal their assessment must provide the clerk-treasurer with written or oral notice of their intent to file an objection at least 48 hours before the meeting of the Board. Also, a written and signed Form of Objection to Property Assessment must be filled out and filed with the clerk within the first 2 hours of the Board’s first scheduled meeting.

Office Hours
Due to COVID-19 the Village Hall has been staffed but closed to the public. Now that staff has been vaccinated, the Village Hall will be reopening to the public beginning Monday, May 3. Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm.

The drop box is still available to drop off any payments or correspondence for Village Hall. The drop box is located outside the south entrance to Village Hall (entrance by the Post Office). The box is accessible at any time.


New Officer

The Kohler Police Department would like to announce our newest member Kevin Kost.

Kevin graduated from Lakeshore Technical College in May of 2020 with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has completed the 720 Hour Police Academy. He grew up in the City of Kiel. In his spare time he enjoys exercising, golfing, and spending time with friends and family.

Kevin will be working with our Field Training Officers for the next few months before he starts solo patrol. Please stop him and say hi when you see him around the village.

Bike Safety Day Cancellation
As we emerge from the pandemic we are going to cancel this spring’s Bike Safety Day. We hope to have the event back in 2022. If you have any specific questions on bike safety, please contact the police department and we will gladly try and answer your questions.


Mulch is available for $10 per yard plus tax, delivered. Call 459-3873 to place an order. Deliveries are Fridays mornings only.

Building Permits
Building Permits are required for all residential projects involving construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work that has a value greater than $1,000. Home additions, garages, accessory buildings, decks and other exterior modifications need Kohler Co. and Village of Kohler Plan Commission review. Visit our website at or call Brett Edgerle at 459-3881 for more information.

Cemetery Wreaths
All Christmas wreaths need to be removed from the cemetery by May 15th.

Garage Sale Signs
One temporary “garage sale” or “for sale” sign shall be permitted on each residential lot. Signs located on public property will be removed by the Public Works Department or Police Department.

Storable Swimming Pools
Storable swimming pools require an annual $50 permit. A storable pool is any pool which holds 1000 gallons of water or more. Storable pools must be located 35 feet from all lot lines and meet all electrical codes for the pump.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Being environmentally friendly, residents need to be aware that storm drains located throughout the village discharge directly to the Sheboygan River. Please do not dump liquids or pet waste into the storm inlets. When you wash vehicles, wash them on the grass to minimize dirt and detergent from flowing directly down your driveway and into the storm inlets.

For the week of Memorial Day, pick up will be Wednesday, June 2nd. Please be reminded of the following:

  • Carts should be placed for pickup by 7am.
  • Your cart should be within 18-inches of the curb, arrows on the lid pointing to the street/curb.
  • To avoid damage to property, place the cart at least three-feet away from mailboxes, lampposts and other fixed objects.
  • Place your cart on as level a surface as possible, but away from low hanging tree branches.
  • Place carts at least a foot away from each other.
  • Close lids prior to pick-up. Lids should be closed on the carts for driver identification and in order to stop material from spilling or blowing away.
  • Carts not properly placed will be tagged and not picked up.
  • Only Advanced Disposal Carts will be emptied.



It’s time for Spring Cleaning – and that also means preparing your house to be safe. Here’s a few Spring Fire Safety Tips!

In the House:

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, change batteries immediately if needed. Check your fire extinguishers. Do they need service, inspection or replacement?
  • Check for overloaded or damaged extension cords, replace where needed. Ensure you have an emergency preparedness kit in case of incidents such as power outages and flooding.
  • Practice your family’s fire escape plan so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Windows should be checked to ensure they open and close properly, in case they are needed as an exit.
  • Properly store household chemicals and never mix cleaning agents. Recycle: get rid of old newspapers, magazines and junk mail. These items tend to pile up and can greatly contribute to the severity and spread of fire.
  • Check and clean filters above your stove. Pull refrigerator out and vacuum or dust the coils
    Always keep stairs and landings clear for safe evacuation in event of an emergency.

Around the House:

  • Make sure your address numbers are up and visible from the street
  • Check outdoor electrical outlets and other electrical appliances for animal nests and to ensure proper wiring.
  • Keep 100′ of garden hose with an attached nozzle connected and ready for use
  • Remove leaves and trash from carports and garages: Combustible materials are dangerous if they are exposed to heated automobile components, especially under the vehicle
  • Clean up and properly store paints, pool and yard chemicals. Check fuel containers for leaks and make sure they are properly stored
  • Let power equipment (Mowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, etc.,) sit for approximately 30 minutes before placing it inside to be sure there is no possibility of fire
  • Before burning, always check with your local fire department for questions, instructions and permits.


**Summer Camps & Activity Registrations are open**
Go to: and follow the link to get your child signed up.

  • Parent-Tot lessons May 3-15
  • Swim Lessons, Session 1: June 14-24
  • Swim Club June 14-July 30
  • Dive Club June 14-July 30
  • Tennis All Sessions: June 14-24, June 28-July 8, July 12-22
  • Fishing Fun Camp June 21-24
  • Junior Explorer June 28-July 1
  • Yoga Camp July 12-15
  • Camp Y-KODA Adventure Camp July 19-23
  • Princess Camp July 26-29
  • T-Ball June 22-July 22
  • Springboard Dive June 14-July 29

Other Camps for Summer

Kohler Pool – Open on Weekends in May

  • Open Swim – Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm
  • 30 patrons, first come first served; as patrons leave others will be allowed to enter
  • No pre-registration
  • Masks required on deck and in locker-room
  • Memorial Day Weekend subject to staff availability

Water Aerobics
$2 residents/ $4 non-resident per class
Morning Water Aerobics: M/W/F 8-9am
Deep Water Aerobics: Mon/Thur 5-6pm and New Saturday class 10-11am

Youth Center is Open
The Youth Center is back in its regular location. Come check us out. Hours of operation are Mon–Fri 3:15-5pm, Sat & Sun 12:30-5pm. Candy, drinks & hot dogs; with additional food offerings in June. Masks required in the building. Occupancy may be limited. Visit our website at or check out our Facebook Page “Village of Kohler Recreation Department” for updates.

Students 15-years and older email or call the village office for an application:
[email protected], 920-459-3873.

  • Youth Center: Entry level food service and customer service in a fun and friendly environment; [email protected] application or questions for Youth Center.
  • Kohler Pool Basket Room: Be the first face people see when they come to the pool.
  • Kohler Pool Lifeguard: Help ensure the safety of the people who come to the pool; [email protected] application or questions for pool.All Jobs: good time management & flexibility, responsible, friendly, willing to work with others, good communication skills: children and adults.


The Village Board approved the following items during their March 15 meeting:

  • Purchase Fire Department equipment, $4,000.
  • Purchase portable radio equipment for Public Works, $7,255.48.
  • Temporary Class B license for Kohler Performing Arts Organization for April 16 and 17.
  • January and February 2021 Revenue & Expense reports, bank reconciliations and journal entries.
  • Resolution 2021-7, Authorizing a Representative to File Applications for Financial Assistance from the State of Wisconsin Environmental Improvement Fund. 

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